Zions Bank Rewards Online Bill Pay Customers

Zions Bank Bill Pay subscribers who register on their campaign website and add and pay three new bills of at least $10 by 10.31.2015 will qualify for Get Rewarded incentives. Customers can earn additional chances by activating a new eBill, signing up for a new eBill Auto Pay, or establishing a new recurring bill pay payment. Incentives include digital music downloads, $25 Restaurant.com free codes, and digital movie tickets. Click here for more information.

HELOC Introductory Rate Offer at US Bank

US Bank is offering an introductory rate as low as 1.50% for the first five months on a home equity line of credit through 11.20.2015. The advertised rate requires a minimum line amount of $15,000 and a maximum LTV of 80%. A 2.00% introductory rate applies for an LTV above 80%. After the introductory period, the rate will revert to prime plus a margin. Click here for more information.

First National Bank of Omaha Closing Cost Discount

First National Bank of Omaha borrowers who open a First National Checking account will receive $200 off of closing costs on a new mortgage. Borrowers will receive an additional $100 off if they apply for their loan by 10.31.2015 and close by 12.31.2015. Click here for more information.

BofA Merrill Lynch Expands CashPro Invest to Europe

CashPro Invest, an online liquidity management and investment order entry tool, is now available for use by Bank of America Merrill Lynch clients in Europe. CashPro Invest is fully integrated with CashPro Online, BofA Merrill’s corporate banking portal. CashPro Invest offers investment execution and extensive research and reporting capabilities for money market mutual funds, the primary investment product solution for daily liquidity needs. With CashPro Invest, clients are able to view investment account balances, research and compare money market mutual funds, view and download transaction history and other reports, and customize controls to support company investment policy. Click here for more information.

Altura CU Knott's Scary Farm Ticket Giveaway

Altura Credit Union members who open a new Altura iChecking account will be automatically entered for a chance to win tickets to Knott's Scary Farm. Members can earn additional entries by snapping selfies in front of an Altura logo, branch, or ATM and posting them on social media using "#iChecking." One winner will be selected every weekday through 9.30.2015 to receive four tickets to Knott's Scary Farm. Click here for more information.

Bump Up CDs on the Rise Again

Of the institutions who added CDs to the Informa database this week, 28.57% allow their customers or members to bump up the rate at least one time. Last week we saw three institutions add bump rate CDs to their portfolios and this week we saw eight more. Here are a few of them: 

Redstone Federal Credit Union is offering an 84-month CD that allows members to bump up the rate three times and pays an APY of 1.61% on all balances above $1,000. To qualify, members must have a Redstone FCU checking account. Click here for more information. 

First Bancorp is offering a 36-month and 60-month CD, which allow customers to bump up the rate once. The 36-month CD pays an APY of 1.25% and the 60-month CD pays an APY of 2.00%. To qualify, customers must open the account with a minimum deposit of $2,500. Click here for more information. 

Standing Stone National Bank is promoting their 13-month, 19-month, 25-month, 37-month, 49-month, and 61-month CDs that allow their customers to bump the rate once. The interest paid on these CDs varies between 0.50% and 2.00% depending on the term. To qualify, customers must open the account with a minimum deposit of $15,000. Click here for more information. 

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