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Informa Research Services, Inc. - Be a Mystery Shopper

Attention Shoppers!

It has been reported to us by law enforcement officials and check fraud victims that there is an ongoing fraudulent mystery shopper scheme using Informa Research Services’ name to steal money from potential shoppers.

Key details are:

  • An "official-looking" bank check is mailed to the victim.
  • The check amounts are reported to be between $3,000 and $4,000.
  • Intended victims are asked to send a portion of the funds by wiring funds, sending funds using Western Union, or purchasing money orders at WalMart.
  • Intended victims are asked to "respond quickly" in order to be eligible for future jobs.

THIS IS A SCAM! This is not an official Informa Research Services project. When in doubt, always verify shop details with Informa Research Services. Always contact Informa Research Services only at email addresses and phone numbers listed on our website.

Attention Mystery Shoppers:

WARNING! The mystery shopping industry has seen an increase in mystery shopping related crime. Always take great care when sharing personal information or conducting business that could leave you exposed to financial risk, such as a check-related fraud scam.

Unfortunately, there are fake businesses and scams (using real company names) that operate in the mystery shop industry. You should always be careful that you are really dealing with legitimate representatives of a legitimate company. Contact the company only through methods listed on their website (beware of non-company email addresses and phone numbers), investigate offers carefully before sharing personal information, and most importantly - “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Mystery shopping is a legitimate business. It compensates shoppers a fair amount for services performed. Often when people are scammed, it is with overly generous offers of easy shops that pay ridiculous amounts of money (usually the scam occurs when shoppers are asked to negotiate a check, then return a portion of the money to “the shopping company representative”).

Informa Research Services carefully manages our shoppers. We value these relationships and would be happy to have you join us as a mystery shopper. For more information on becoming an Informa Research Services mystery shopper, follow the link below: