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Informa Research Services, Inc. - Market Research
Informa Research Services, Inc., is a market research company specializing in the financial services industry. Since 1983, we have helped financial professionals understand their competition, their company, and their customers. With our national presence and key partnerships throughout the nation, we are well-suited to offer multi-city project management and will match your research project specifications.

Informa Research Services delivers accurate and relevant measurements in the areas of competitive product intelligence, new product development, employee sales and service, customer satisfaction, closed account research, competitive performance, and regulatory compliance testing.

We demonstrate the ability to take clients beyond simple rate data. With a strong background of conducting high-level research, gap analysis studies, and customized mystery shop programs, Informa puts the power of market research to work for our clients across the United States.

Informa Research Services is a Honomichl Top 50 U.S. Market Research Company